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Not that we don’t appreciate the outlet that our own low-tech low-brow blog has provided us, but over the past few months we’ve had some great opportunities to work with some fantastic channels. Through, Ottawa Magazine and Herd Magazine, we’ve been able to work with platforms that have solid local followings and reach. It’s introduced us to some great people in Ottawa working to showcase the cultural strengths we’ve got going on here. In addition, we’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic editors that “correct spelling errors”, “fact check” or “understand when to use quotations” … etc. It’s all been very rewarding and fun.


Since you’re already here, here’s a quick rundown of our latest writings:

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We hope that we can continue to work with these great groups and reputable formats as long as they’ll have us. We are incredible appreciative of the opportunity they’ve provided thus far. Still, we’ll continue to keep this sad-sack site up and running as well, for nostalgic purposes if nothing else. And if you have any suggestions for collaborators – we’re always looking for new brew friends to work with.


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Review: Honey Bear And Friends 

BrewerDominion City Brewing Co.
Brewed in: Ottawa, ON
Percentage: 5.5%
FoundDominion City Brewing Co.

Dominion City brewed a foursome of one-offs for their #DominionDay party and bottled the leftovers in stubbies. Guess who scored the last stubby in the shop (*wink)!


Pours thick opaque black with a quickly fading beige head. Nice clean malt forward nose with an enticing cereal and mild vanilla bouquet. Excellent mouth-feel with the perfect amount of heaviness. A sweet clean finish isn’t bitter but cleans up nicely. Not a heavy nor a sharp porter; just a nice balanced beer. In my unsolicited opinion, HB&F should be graduated to the starting line-up.

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Review: Dunkelweizen

Brewer: Smithworks Brewing Company
Brewed in: Peterborough, ON
Percentage: 5.2 %
Found: Smithworks Brewing Company


This brewery located on Rye Road in Peterborough is relatively new. I’ve been fortunate enough to sample several of their German style brews and they have all been simple but perfectly constructed. There’s no gimmickry here, each beer is named after its style.


This dunkelweizen pours cloudy amber brown with an off white head that fades . Bready malts dominate the noise with a slight dry spicy clove appeal. It’s smooth across the palate with a spicy bite that fades to mild banana. Not as sweet as others I’ve enjoyed in this style but still sophisticated yet enjoyable. Another tight brew from Smithworks.


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Review: Dunkel Buck

BrewerBeau’s All Natural Brewery 
Brewed in: Vankleek Hill, ON
Percentage: 6.8%
FoundKing Edward LCBO

If we’re being honest, I’ve never seen this beer’s namesake movie, Uncle Buck, start to finish but I do enjoy a good John Candy reference – heck I still think they should make a Cool Runnings sequel.


The brew pours amber-brown with a respectable white head. On the nose are notes of sweet malts with mild spicy clove and banana.  Very smooth tasting with sweet bready malts and banana on the clean finish. Very easy drinking with a little complexity if you look for it. Save this for when the sun sets, it’s a nice sweet brew on a cool summer night.

Beau’s knows: German style beers.


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Review: Grande Reserve Sanctuaire

BrewerLe Castor Brewing Company
Brewed in: Rigaud, QC
Percentage: 9.0%
Found: A gift!

A Belgian style-beer aged in wine barrels, you better bet this is a complex treat.


Pours surprisingly golden light with just the right amount of carbonation. Sweet sugar on the nose with a depth of fruit slowly coming through: Must be owed to that wine barrel aging.  The brewery describes this beer as elegant. It truly is. And no matter how much traction craft beer gains in the beer world, I don’t foresee a pint of “elegance” being something ordered  at a local watering hole with much gusto; but what do I know, I’m drinking out of a stemmed beer glass. The brew is sweet and easy going with a little added complexity from the wine barrels. I think you could impress a date with a bottle of this: Plus it’s 9% so they’ll at least find you funny.


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Review: Equinoxe du Printemps 

Brewer: Dieu du Ciel!
Brewed in: St. Jerome QC
Percentage: 9.1%
Found: Depanneur Bonne-Heure


It’s summer! Perfect time to post this springtime brew review… Who edits this blog?


This brew stands thick and murky amber brown with only the brightest of light penetrating it’s opacity. The bouquet is huge and would have knocked me over if I wasn’t already reclining in my designated beer reviewing seat. The nose has notes of sweet malts, soft alcohol and sugar. A solid bready taste carries over into a bitter malt finish with a little alcohol heat: through it all is a gentle maple syrup coating. This brew isn’t overtly sweet but does still seem like a good pairing for a short stack. It’s certainly a good warmer for a cool spring day and heats you from the inside out; experience that winter melt.

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Review: The Men Who Stare at Oats

Brewer: Kilannan Brewing Co.
From: Owen Sound, ON
Found: Delivery
Percent: 4.8


I was first introduced to this brewery while on business in Grey County ( pays terribly), through their widely available Alt beer. It’s an excellent brew: simple, yet well put together. In addition to brewing good beer, the brewery also boasts one of the youngest brewmasters in Canada. My math may be wrong but I think he was brewing beer before he could legally purchase it. It’s a great local success story and their products speak for themselves. Needless to say, when a friend was headed back from an Owen Sound-area cottage, I asked that a little trunk space be reserved for a special Kilannan delivery to Ottawa.


As soon as I poured this oatmeal stout, I knew I was in for a treat. It’s gorgeous. Pours coal-black with a creamy sponge beige head. A rich bouquet of acidic dark chocolate and coffee is supported by a strong malt and oat base. Across the palate is a thick silky smoothness that few stouts manage to capture. The mouthfeel *snobbish word alert is outstanding. The oats provide a thick body that envelops your insides like a comforting hug. A tip of the cap to the young brewer. This is a fantastic stout but also just a heck of a beer. Enjoy it if the chance presents itself. Of course all this does is excite me for this beer’s big brother: Xandu, Kilannan’s imperial stout that is currently cellaring in my broom closet…


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