Review: El Toro Bravo (Matador 2.0)

BrewerFlying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Brewed in: Barrie, ON
Percentage: 10.1%
FoundNepean Beer Store

To tangle with the brave bull one more time! We were looking forward to this brew not only because we loved version 1 but because this release came with a little touch of controversy. Though the sequel wasn’t as quite good as the original (is it ever?) it’s still a top-notch brew and worth the venture into The Beer Store stronghold.


Matador 2.0 pours murky reddish copper with little head or carbonation. The complex nose of rich malts and spicy pepper has a delicious funky undertone. It’s a fantastic bouquet with touches of citrus and cedar (it’s aged on Spanish cedar chips), all ending in a sharp peppery finish. On the palate, a crisp rye bread and caraway ménage occurs, followed by toffee malts served on a pungent cedar platter. What we love about this beer is that each sip is completely different as you pick up new flavours and nuances you missed before. You’re going to want to take your time with this beer and get to know her. We’ve got one in the cellar waiting to be enjoyed once again.



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